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About Us

Connect Experiential is a boutique leadership support agency. We provide services that enable organizations and individuals to achieve higher performance standards through a values-centered, execution focused, and result oriented work culture.

Through well-defined change management tools and processes, we enable faster adoption and optimization of the investment on change initiatives. We also work with leaders to articulate their vision for an authentic organization, facilitate skills development to support new behaviors, and to leverage the emotional engagement of all stakeholders.

Our proprietary change model calls for greater awareness of the intrinsic motivators for individuals and organizations. Through this model, we embed a proactive approach to defining decision-making frameworks that allow for consistency, authenticity, and the development of trust. In this way, we facilitate sustainable change and increase the scores of Retention, Engagement, Advocacy and Passion.

By inspiring people to desire to BE MORE, we build the internal energy that fuels business change through people.



"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."

– Steve Jobs


Tailored learning programs for Leaders and Employees.

We run a wide variety of tailored programs suited to propel leaders forward. Each program is designed with 3 things in mind: current skill trends, relevance and impact.

Our programs include workshops, assessments, training and coaching.

Below are of some of the learning programs that we offer.

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Our Services

Each of our services is designed to facilitate alignment of your strategy to your corporate brand and culture. Our goal is to drive and support execution and motivate high performance.

Culture by Design:

We believe that organizations must be deliberate about creating enabling environments for employees to achieve their goals and thrive. These environments are defined through values and clear principles that guide thought and action. Employees are further supported by structure and systems that reinforces these values and principles. This is what we do to ensure the development of execution-focused culture.

Change Management

We are certified change experts able to guide your organization through any change. We understand the complexities around the management of the people side of change and know the best way to go about it from our years of experience. Our to ensure application structure and of best practices, we use the research based PROSCI change management tools.

Leadership and Culture

The definition of the leadership brand and the commitment of leaders to bring that leadership brand to life is, in our experience, the most critical piece of a culture transformation journey in an organization. Our Leadership and Culture Initiative is developed around the three main principles of Self-awareness, Values-Driven Leadership, Coaching for performance and The Art of Engagement.

Culture Diagnosis

Grounded in the world renown Barrett’s system to measure culture, we are able to accurately assess the current culture of your organization, the desired culture, the cultural entropy and the gaps to enabling execution of your company’s cultural and performance ambition. This sets the foundation for a customized intervention that leads to a better culture.

We were glad to have history; starting the program ahead of the scheduled time owing to the preparation of the entire team.

MaryAnne Mwaura - Citi Bank East Africa

They have a professional and structured approach that has enabled us to craft the culture that will take us into the future and that is appropriately linked to business needs.

Caroline Auma - Unga Group Limited

The Connect Team delivered the services we contracted them for professionally, with passion, commitment and depth. Our culture transformation journey continues and we are grateful to Connect for having set a firm foundation upon which we can continue to to build our culture.

Aldo Meruese - Telkom Kenya

Thank you for all your hard work and effort in ensuring we hosted a successful pod during our recently concluded Bottler Conference.

Stella Kiguta - Coca-Cola (CEWA)

Connect Experiential have helped create a break-through on employee engagement & the team have made a substantial difference on attitude in our organisation and I am grateful for their crucial support.

Eelco Weber - Danone Baby Nutrition (ESA)

During the exercise, we were impressed by the level of detail in data and information analysis, clarity in communication and commitment to ensure that the new culture was aligned with the vision, mission and values of the bank. The level of service deliver and customer care during this time and indeed thereafter, is truly commendable.

Tim Gitonga - Spire Bank

I was particularly impressed by the course content materials that all team members were provided with during the training.

Caroline Omaya - BMA Associates

We have worked in a number of countries around the world and have to praise you on the professionalism and adaptability.

Claire Urie - Humanitarian Development Program

Our Approach

Culture by Design

About Us

At Connect Experiential, we advocate the development of a values-based culture that recognizes, and is built around the things that are important to your key stakeholders. Working with the values identified by your stakeholders as desired values, we map out a development journey that embeds aligned beliefs and behaviours.

The result of our 4D process is a conscious, clearly articulated cultural identity and corporate brand essence that differentiates your organization while providing a clear value proposition for all stakeholders.

This approach to Organizational Culture Transformation imprints a sense of ownership and a winning attitude within teams.

Deloitte E.A

EA Consulting Strategy Execution Summit


CEWABU - HR Kick-Off Meeting

Citibank N.A Kenya

Trade & Treasury Solutions Strategy Meeting

TetraPak E.A

The 2020 Strategy Launch

KCB Group

Strategy Workshop


Culture Change Program

Coca-Cola Juices K.E

Employee Engagement Program

Danone Baby Nutrition

Annual Conventions

Heineken E.A

Time Management

Lafarge E.A

Annual Leadership Meeting | 2012

East African Breweries Limited

Marketing Team-building

East African business Summit

Innovation as a catalyst for growth

Liaison Group

Risk management Forum

Meru County Government

Design & Event Management


CEWABU Program Design Work

C. Dormans

Dormans Tea Promotional Design Work


Health NGO's Network Advocacy on Immunization Communication Design

Melvin's Tea

Press Advertisement Design | 2012

Our Team

We're proud of our team which always strive hard to deliver contagious success and desired results to our respective clients.

  • Transformation Tools admin Executive Coach change management consultant

    Ann's experience spans 20 years designing and executing winning marketing and business communication strategies in pan-African environments.

    Some of the work Ann delivers includes Culture Measurement, Change Management Strategy, Facilitation and Training, Coaching for Performance, Communication Strategy, Employee engagement strategy and experiential learning tools.

    In the last 10 years, Ann has dedicated her work to the design and development of organization culture to increase productivity. Her experience spans multiple sectors. Some of the organizations that she has worked with include AGRA, Nielsen, Unga group, Telkom Kenya, Spire Bank, Danone English Speaking Africa among others.

    Ann is a certified Culture Transformation Tools administrator, NLP practitioner, Executive Coach and PROSCI change management consultant.

  • Consultant Trainer Coach

    Ronald is professionally qualified as an executive coach and a Master NLP practitioner.

    He has a passion for people and creativity. He combines the both to help people and organizations meet their goals.

    Ronald has extensive experience developing and executing strategies in various corporations from ideation to implementation stage. His experience includes strategy, brand management, communication design and culture development.

    Some of the organizations he has worked for include Enashipai Resort Naivasha, The Wellness Project, Baraka FM, KUSCCO and Co-op Bank.


    As the Head of Operations and Planning at Connect, David ensures projects are delivered to the highest quality, within budgets and on time.

    David has a BCom in Economics and Finance and is passionate about people and organisations maximizing their potential in their work environments in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. Some of the organisations that David has worked with in the past include, Safaricom; Danush Infotech and SEATINI Kenya.

  • Graphics Web Scripting & Design Animations

    Ian is a strategic, multidisciplinary graphics and web designer with an eye for innovation and pixel perfection.

    He has consulted for various organizations and NGOs including AMREF - Elearning Program, Suntra Investment Bank and Mobicard.

    And although his skill set is vast, his greatest expertise revolve in the worlds of interactive design, UX, social media, brand identity design, content creation and print collateral.

    He is an MBA holder with an undergraduate degree in Bachelor of science in Information Technology.

  • Planning Logistics Budgeting

    When it comes to order, organization and planning, Sarah thrives.

    She has built her career in the field of business operations which involves aspects of organization, planning, logistics and budgeting. As the Business Operations expert at Connect X, Sarah works to ensure the organization runs smoothly.

    Previously, she worked at Nerds Suppliers & General Distributors where she oversaw the marketing functions of the company. The company dealt with clients all over East Africa. Her hobbies include reading informative literature, travelling, listening to gospel music and serving the society, among others.

    Her favourite quote is “It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan” by Eleanor Roosevelt. This is the mantra she uses to drive her to excellence in her day to day work.

Our Library

Reading is an essential life skill. It has been shown to improve communication, emotional intelligence, organizational effectiveness, and reduce stress. All of which are critical requirements for an effective leader. Here is our list of recommendations that is guaranteed to inform, inspire and transform.

LibraryBook 1 Book 2 Book 3 Book 4 Book 5 Book 6 Book 7 Book 8 Book 9 Book 10 Book 11 Book 12 Book 13 Book 14 Book 15 Book 16 Book 17 Book 18 Book 19 Book 20 Book 21 Book 22 Book 23 Book 24


We always make sure you get the latest updates regarding employees productivity and happiness in workplaces:- therefore we have crafted a well organized blog to share what we can do for your organization.

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