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About Us

Incorporated in 2008, Connect Experiential is a unique People and Change agency. We provide services that enable organizations and individuals to achieve higher performance standards through a values-based, results focused work culture.

Our proprietary change model calls for greater awareness of the intrinsic motivators for individuals and organizations, as well as a proactive approach to defining decision-making frameworks. In this way we facilitate sustainable change and increase the scores of Retention and Engagement.

We also work with leaders to articulate their vision for an authentic organization, facilitate skills development to support new behaviors and leverage the emotional engagement of all stakeholders.



"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."

– Steve Jobs


Engagement is crucial within any organization for optimal perfomance.

Broadly described, employee engagement is the relative strength of an employee's identification with, involvement in and loyalty to an organisation. Employee engagement happens when your employees understand your aims, are proud to play their part in your vision, and are committed to doing their best work with you.

Employee engagement is a win–win situation. Employers get a more productive workforce who go that extra mile for the company, deliver better customer service, are unlikely to yield to the temptation to leave and are your best advocates. The employees, on the other hand, get a job that they believe has real value, one which interests them and with fair recognition and reward.

Below are of some of our employee engagement programs.

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Our Services

Each of our services is designed to facilitate alignment of your strategy to your corporate brand and culture. Our goal is to drive and support execution and motivate high performance.

Our Services

We were glad to have history; starting the program ahead of the scheduled time owing to the preparation of the entire team.

MaryAnne Mwaura - Citi Bank East Africa

Thank you for all your hard work and effort in ensuring we hosted a successful pod during our recently concluded Bottler Conference.

Stella Kiguta - Coca-Cola (CEWA)

Connect Experiential have helped create a break-through on employee engagement & the team have made a substantial difference on attitude in our organisation and I am grateful for their crucial support.

Eelco Weber - Danone Baby Nutrition (ESA)

We have worked in a number of countries around the world and have to praise you on the professionalism and adaptability.

Claire Urie - Humanitarian Development Program

Our Approach

Culture by Design

About Us

Cultural Capital, best measured through the level of employee engagement, is a fundamental driver of financial performance.

An organizations culture is also a resilience anchor and is a key determinant of the organizations ability to navigate turbulent times. The culture of the organisation is the principal source of its competitive advantage and brand differentiation.

At Connect Experiential, we advocate the development of a values-based culture that recognizes, and is built around the things that are important to your key stakeholders. Working with the values identified by your stakeholders as desired values, we map out a development journey that embeds aligned beliefs and behaviours.

The clarity that results from our process ensures all leaders and employees have a clear sense of their identity at both an individual and organization level. This is further supported by a strategy distilling process that ensures all individuals understand their role and that they know what success looks and feels like from a goal achievement and culture point of view. We also redesign structures, systems and processes so as to support the new culture for enhanced performance.

The result of our 4D process is a conscious, clearly articulated cultural identity and corporate brand essence that differentiates your organization while providing a clear value proposition for all stakeholders.

This approach to Organizational Culture Transformation imprints a sense of ownership and a winning attitude within teams.

Deloitte E.A

EA Consulting Strategy Execution Summit


CEWABU - HR Kick-Off Meeting

Citibank N.A Kenya

Trade & Treasury Solutions Strategy Meeting

TetraPak E.A

The 2020 Strategy Launch

KCB Group

Strategy Workshop


Culture Change Program

Coca-Cola Juices K.E

Employee Engagement Program

Danone Baby Nutrition

Annual Conventions

Heineken E.A

Time Management

Lafarge E.A

Annual Leadership Meeting | 2012

East African Breweries Limited

Marketing Team-building

East African business Summit

Innovation as a catalyst for growth

Liaison Group

Risk management Forum

Meru County Government

Design & Event Management


CEWABU Program Design Work

C. Dormans

Dormans Tea Promotional Design Work


Health NGO's Network Advocacy on Immunization Communication Design

Melvin's Tea

Press Advertisement Design | 2012

Our Library

Reading is an essential life skill. It has been shown to improve communication, emotional intelligence, organizational effectiveness, and reduce stress. All of which are critical requirements for an effective leader. Here is our list of recommendations that is guaranteed to inform, inspire and transform.

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We always make sure you get the latest updates regarding employees productivity and happiness in workplaces:- therefore we have crafted a well organized blog to share what we can do for your organization.

24 Jan '18

Imagine an office where no one talks! No one meets for a status meeting, a brainstorm or a planning meeting! Where you know someone’s email address and twitter handle and not their face!

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24 Jan '18

It’s human to put people ‘box’ when we first meet them. We do it for cognitive ease, to make it easy to take in information. Original man had to categorize things into good or bad, food or poison, friend or foe.

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