About Us


Incorporated in 2008, Connect Experiential is a boutique People and Change agency. We provide services that enable organizations and individuals to achieve higher performance standards through a values-centered, execution focused, and result oriented work culture.

Through well-defined change management tools and processes, we enable faster adoption and optimization of the investment on change initiatives. We also work with leaders to articulate their vision for an authentic organization, facilitate skills development to support new behaviors, and to leverage the emotional engagement of all stakeholders.

Our proprietary change model calls for greater awareness of the intrinsic motivators for individuals and organizations. Through this model, we embed a proactive approach to defining decision-making frameworks that allow for consistency, authenticity, and the development of trust. In this way, we facilitate sustainable change and increase the scores of Retention, Engagement, Advocacy and Passion.

By inspiring people to desire to BE MORE, we build the internal energy that fuels business change through people.

Our Services

  • Organization Culture Assessment
  • Leadership Values Assessment
  • Organization Values Review and Alignment
  • Execution Culture Design
  • Culture Development Programs
  • Communication strategy
  • Culture and CSR
  • Strategy Cascade Campaigns
  • ‘Values to Life’ Programs
  • Team Calibration and Team Building
  • Employee Wellness programs
  • Behavior Change initiatives
  • Communication Toolkits
  • Onboarding Program design
  • Defining change
  • Change Management Strategy
  • Communication for change
  • Behavior change communication
  • Change Risk Assessments
  • Staff Change Competency Assessment
  • Change Management Planning
  • Coaching through change
  • Project & change management integration
  • Resistance management
  • Leadership Learning – The Art of Engagement
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Coaching for Performance
  • Leading a High Performance Culture
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Art of Personal Alignment
  • Integrity Training
  • Skills development for culture change

Who We Are

To witness a generation of inspired, highly productive and engaged African workers who deliver world-class work standards with a uniquely African touch.

We create workplace culture that inspires individuals to be passionate about their work, deliver to the best of their ability, take ownership of their results while staying happy and engaged.

  • Integrity
  • Authenticity
  • Quality
  • Passion