How we do it

A four step

We believe that in order to design an empowering workplace culture, all stakeholder perspectives must be understood and considered. Our process fosters continuous dialogue and collaboration throughout your organisation, in order to build a clear picture of the current and desired culture for all stakeholders.

01. Diagnosis

Culture Assessment Report

02. Define

Desired Culture Blueprint

03. Design

Culture Development Plan

04. Direct

Culture Dashboard
Do you have the right culture?

Culture Diagnosis

Our approach to culture diagnosis is enriched by our deep experience working with the unique cultural context of African workplaces.

Using participatory, digital and face-to-face tools to unearth the root causes of current culture, we immerse ourselves in your market, your industry, your heritage, your strategy and your work environment.

Do you have the right culture?

Culture Define and Design

Organizations must be deliberate about creating enabling environments for employees to thrive and deliver stakeholder satisfaction. These environments are defined through values and well-defined principles that guide decision-making: thought and action.

Our process delivers a Blueprint for Culture that fosters strategic business alignment for sustained high performance.

do you have the right culture?

Direct change

As certified change experts, we understand the complexity of the management of the people side of change. The PROSCI suite of change management tools, as well as our proprietary evangelism behavior change model, provide a structured and measurable approach to our practice.

Do you have the right culture?

Leadership Culture

The definition of the leadership brand, and the commitment of leaders to bring that leadership brand to life, is in our experience, the most critical piece of a culture transformation journey in an organization.

Our Leadership and Culture Initiative is developed around three main modules built on heightened self-awareness. These are;

  • Values-driven Leadership: An approach to leadership founded on high self-awareness.
  • Leading change: Skills to influence, support and build momentum for change.
  • The Art of Engagement: skills to drive and sustain high employee engagement.

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