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We make workplaces work!

About Us

Connect Experiential is a boutique leadership support agency. We provide services that enable organizations and individuals to achieve higher performance standards through a values-centered, execution focused, and result oriented work culture.

Through well-defined change management tools and processes, we enable faster adoption and optimization of the investment on change initiatives. We also work with leaders to articulate their vision for an authentic organization, facilitate skills development to support new behaviors, and to leverage the emotional engagement of all stakeholders.

Our proprietary change model calls for greater awareness of the intrinsic motivators for individuals and organizations. Through this model, we embed a proactive approach to defining decision-making frameworks that allow for consistency, authenticity, and the development of trust. In this way, we facilitate sustainable change and increase the scores of Retention, Engagement, Advocacy and Passion.

By inspiring people to desire to BE MORE, we build the internal energy that fuels business change through people.

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The world of work is changing fast! With so much talk about 'new ways of working' and 'a new normal', we want to contribute by ensuring that these 'new ways' are inclusive, fair and linked to employee well being and engagement. To participate, please complete the 15 minute survey below

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"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."

– Steve Jobs

Our Services

Each of our services is designed to facilitate alignment of your strategy to your corporate brand and culture. Our goal is to drive and support execution and motivate high performance.

Culture by Design:

We believe that organizations must be deliberate about creating enabling environments for employees to achieve their goals and thrive. These environments are defined through values and clear principles that guide thought and action. Employees are further supported by structure and systems that reinforces these values and principles. This is what we do to ensure the development of execution-focused culture.

Change Management

We are certified change experts able to guide your organization through any change. We understand the complexities around the management of the people side of change and know the best way to go about it from our years of experience. Our to ensure application structure and of best practices, we use the research based PROSCI change management tools.

Leadership and Culture

The definition of the leadership brand and the commitment of leaders to bring that leadership brand to life is, in our experience, the most critical piece of a culture transformation journey in an organization. Our Leadership and Culture Initiative is developed around the three main principles of Self-awareness, Values-Driven Leadership, Coaching for performance and The Art of Engagement.

Culture Diagnosis

Grounded in the world renown Barrett’s system to measure culture, we are able to accurately assess the current culture of your organization, the desired culture, the cultural entropy and the gaps to enabling execution of your company’s cultural and performance ambition. This sets the foundation for a customized intervention that leads to a better culture.

Our Clients

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About Us

The team at Connect Experiential, headed hy Ann Kabinga. has facilitated the different. sessions, and applied different tools required in a highly professional manner. It is this approach that has catalyzed our ability to get to the bottom of issues, and highlight the things that really matter, to take us forward.

Caroline Auma - Head of Human Resource and Organization Development, UNGA Group

The Connect Team delivered the services ,ve contracted them for professionally, with passion, commitment and depth. The Connect Approach is structured, backed by date and sensitive to the local dynamics and constraints that impact organizational culture. Through the period of service, they demonstrated both a good understanding of our culture context as well as our business needs.

Aldo Mereuse - CEO, Telkom Kenya

They conducted themselves in a professional manner and they delivered their services with the utmost passion. I was impressed with their depth on culture, change, innovation and the detail with which they did their work and their conviction about Kenya and her people.

Suvania Naidoo - Project Director, Duke Corporate Education South Africa.

They have worked with us as our partners to facilitate a workshop on strategy and culture with the objective of driving ownership of strategy execution; stimulate new thinking among employees of East Africa Re-insurance particularly in regard to their role in goal achievement; unearth potential disablers of execution and to proactively think through elimination of these disablers and to foster team spirit.

Valentine MAithya - HR & Administration Manager, East Africa Reinsurance Company

The event management skills she delivers from pre-event on the ground logistical support through to the fine detail of day to day running during an event is second to none. This is also executed through her time conscious and very professional team who work very closely with both her and client.

Ben Pilley - Global Head of Events, AfricanBrains, The Brains Network Ltd,

t’s been just over a week since the close of our international conference and my inbox is still busy with messages of congratulations and thanks from delegates. Our event can most definitely be defined as a success and a very large part of this is down to the diligent work of you and your team.

Dr Elly Hiby - ICAM, Scientific Coordinator and Conference Lead,

Our Approach

Culture by Design

About Us

At Connect Experiential, we advocate the development of a values-based culture that recognizes, and is built around the things that are important to your key stakeholders. Working with the values identified by your stakeholders as desired values, we map out a development journey that embeds aligned beliefs and behaviours.

The result of our 4D process is a conscious, clearly articulated cultural identity and corporate brand essence that differentiates your organization while providing a clear value proposition for all stakeholders.

This approach to Organizational Culture Transformation imprints a sense of ownership and a winning attitude within teams.

Connect X Youth at Work Program

The Context: The Connect X 'Youth at Work' program is founded on principles developed over our 10 years of working with organization culture. We have identified a need for new ways of thinking in Kenyan work forces to push perceived boundaries of work; creativity and productivity. With this program, we will transform the way young people perceive and experience work both in employment and entrepreneurship. We will address mindsets, self leadership and the discipline of self application through teaching, coaching, advocacy and facilitating community interactions. We want our participants to embrace a values-driven approach to work and to seek common good while pursuing personal fulfillment.

Target audience: 18 to 29-year-old living in Nanyuki.
Participation Criteria: Commitment to attend all sessions.

Our Library

Reading is an essential life skill. It has been shown to improve communication, emotional intelligence, organizational effectiveness, and reduce stress. All of which are critical requirements for an effective leader. Here is our list of recommendations that is guaranteed to inform, inspire and transform.

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We always make sure you get the latest updates regarding employees productivity and happiness in workplaces:- therefore we have crafted a well organized blog to share what we can do for your organization.

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01 May '20

“Who are your competitors?” It’s a question we all get asked as our audience attempts to ‘box’ us in an industry category. I have tried to answer this question many times and often, I find the most satisfactory answer I can offer, is explaining that I prefer to view others offering services like mine as potential co-opetition. Here is why.

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25 April '20

II started my first ‘real’ business in the year 2000, which, as you might remember, was probably not perfect timing; but nothing in my life was perfect either so it did not really matter. My journey has been colorful, characterized by fear and courage in equal measure, uncertainty, loneliness and, most of all, very frequent change.

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