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Culture matters.

The culture of the organization is a critical source of her competitive advantage and differentiation. Culture is also a resilience anchor and a key determinant of the organizations’ ability to navigate turbulent times.

How we do it

The Connect X approach

We believe that to design an empowering workplace culture, all stakeholder perspectives must be understood and considered. Our process promotes continuous dialogue throughout the organisation to build a clear and accurate picture of current and desired culture.

With the support of highly experienced and passionate engagement experts, we build a safe environment for robust employee engagement. This creates a strong foundation for change and momentum to shift and develop culture.


In a ‘roots-up’ approach, we utilise hybrid tools to build a clear understanding of the enablers and disablers of strategy execution and performance, employee fulfilment and the satisfaction of stakeholders. The output is a comprehensive culture assessment report.


In this stage of our work, we provide a clear framework for decision-making and communicate the culture expectations for all employees. We provide a culture blueprint that lays out the culture aspiration for the organisation and her employees.


The design stage provides the opportunity to collaboratively create the journey from current to desired culture. Our output is a change strategy and culture development plan that contains actions, milestones and metrics of the culture transformation process.


Culture change management is a collaborative, leader-led process, supported by our team. Our technics to embed culture have evolved with our experience and are grounded in our evangelism model of change. During this stage we support the organisation through change team management, coaching, training and structural alignment. A change measurement and management report is provided at the end of this stage.

Core Services

Strategy and Culture Alignment
The performance of organizations is dependent on the behavior of individual and group behavior. This program is built to address conflict management, decision making and team harmony. The experiential tools used guarantee heightened awareness, engagement and fun.
The Corporate brand and Culture
A corporate brand is experienced most authentically through the organizations’ culture. Alignment between the brand promise and the culture builds stakeholder trust and strengthens the organizations’ ability to create sustainable relationships.
Culture Design/Integration for Mergers and Acquisitions
Whether as a part of the due diligence process or as a post-merger exercise, we support the emergent organisation to create a single culture brand that leverages the positive behaviour of all the organizations involved. We aim to reduce risk of failure, build trust and minimize conflict.
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging
Our work in D.E.I (B) seeks to eliminate internal and external marginalization to build a business beyond bias. We amplify the voice of all stakeholders, foster participation and create environments of respect for all.
Communication and Culture
The structure, content and climate of organizational communication greatly affects the development of her culture. We create internal communication strategies, plans and structures that drive, support and sustain the desired culture.
Team Development
The performance of organizations is largely dependent on individual and group behaviour. This program is built to address conflict and to promote collaborative decision-making and team harmony. The experiential tools used guarantee heightened awareness, engagement and fun.
Strategy and Culture Alignment
To ensure that the organisations culture enables strategy execution, we identify potential risk attributes in the current culture and design initiatives that eliminate this culture risk. This work is best done alongside the strategy formulation process.
Leadership and culture
In our experience, the definition of the leadership brand and the commitment of leaders to bring that leadership brand to life, is the most critical piece of a culture transformation journey in an organization. Our Leadership and Culture Initiative is developed around three main modules built on heightened self-awareness. These are Values-driven leadership, Coaching for performance and The art of engagement.
Change Management
We take the view that a cohesive and effective change management process is people centred. Our effective change management process provides a structured approach through which the risks associated with change are mitigated, the speed of adoption is increased, employees buy into the change and individuals perform well despite the change. Coaching-through-change forms a key part of our work.

We design and manage organizational culture

The work of culture transformation represents, for us, the opportunity to shift the future of our continents productivity and our people’s well-being.

Ann Kabinga

To optimize the opportunities presented by youthful populations and our cultural connectedness, while eliminating the evils that plague our nations, we must raise the levels of individual, organizational and societal consciousness.

We believe that by facilitating a process of awareness that supports individuals and organisations to proactively define their identity, as well as the principles of our purpose, thought and our action, we can create intentional personal and group culture patterns. These patterns will fuel productivity, spur growth and support our peoples well-being.

Do you have an event coming up soon?

Conference design and management.

We create learning experiences that bring global and local audiences together for informative, educative and engaging conferences. We provide a one-stop shop to international and local clients seeking world-class delivery.

Let us help you get your next speaker or panelist for your conference. We have a wide array of speakers in different industries.


What our clients say about our conference services

During our engagement, I was particularly impressed by their professionalism and the quality of their work. They were able to conceptualise the gaps we had as a team, tailor make our program and facilitate sessions to come up with practical action points to work on us a team. I am confident to recommend their services to any Organisation.
Matthew Lovick
International Companion Animal Management Coalition (ICAM)
It's been just over a week since the close of our international conference and my inbox is still busy with messages of congratulations and thanks from delegates. Our event can most definitely be defined as a success and a very large part of this is down to the diligent work of you and your team. I'am very happy, confident and honoured to work with your organisation again and highly recommend Connect Experiential's event organising skills to others.
Dr Elly Hiby
ICAM Scientific Coordinator and Conference Lead
Climate Action (UNEP)
While I thanked you in person, I wanted to express in writing my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to you and your fantastic team from Connect X. The professionalism, attention to detail, positive attitude and calm, good humoured approach that Connect brought to the project from start to finish, including handling some very difficult situations in pressured circumstances is commendable. We received excellent feedback on the building of the conference venue, and the organising of all the components from colleagues within the UN, the EU and International Governmental departments, as well as the private sector. I have no doubt that we would not have been able to produce such a high quality event were it not for your hard work, dedication, experience and skill.
Sula Bruce
Head of Operations Climate Action
African Brains
I have known Ann Kabinga personally for 10 years and have worked with and alongside her as Face to Face Ltd and Connect Experiential Communication Ltd on many large format events including high level ministerial meetings as well as high profile and extensive exhibitions. The event management skills she delivers from pre event on the ground logistical support through to the fine detail of day to day running during an event is second to none. This is also executed through her time conscious and very professional team who work very closely with both her and client.
Ben Pilley
Global Head of Events

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