Competing Collaboratively

“Who are your competitors?” It’s a question we all get asked as our audience attempts to ‘box’ us in an industry category. I have tried to answer this question many times and often, I find the most satisfactory answer I can offer, is explaining that I prefer to view others offering services like mine as potential co-opetition. Here is why.

The principle of abundance

A story that illustrated the opposite of an abundance mindset is a famous Indian fable about six blind men who were asked to touch and describe different parts of an elephant. ‘It’s a rope’ said the one who touched the tail. ‘No! It’s obviously a spear!’ argued the one who touched the tusk. This fable illustrates the limited thinking within which our perspective is shaped by our own experience. When we apply the principles of abundance we appreciate that the by accepting that there is ‘plenty to go around’, we let go of the fear of ‘loss’ and open ourselves to sharing with a group of like minded individuals and organizations.

Expanded Market

When we first began to speak to organizations about organization culture, we had the task of educating potential customers before they could engage us to deliver our services. To have other individuals and organizations who offer the same services expands the market and elevates understanding particularly on the importance of working with organization culture and change.

Increased Impact

We believe that creating positive workplace culture will result in employee fulfillment and growth, organizational success and in turn better societies. We believe that if more individuals and companies work on organizational culture, our mission will be achieved faster and with a broader audience. Inspiring businesses to improve their culture is vital work and there is more work than one person or one business can do. Therefore, we want to equip others and spread our knowledge beyond our own capacity.


We seek out experts in our field who we can both learn from and share our knowledge with. We like to share what works and what doesn’t, encourage others and do whatever is necessary to promote our vision and mission.

At Connect, we believe so strongly in what we offer that we don’t want to keep it to ourselves. We want as many people as possible to know, understand and experience the valuable tools we provide. We want to go beyond just improving our own lives and growing our business; We want to impact as many lives and businesses as possible. We want to see improved lives translate into improved businesses and, eventually, into an improved society.

Leaning In

In order to put this into practice for our own business, we have decided to build a community of facilitators who are like-minded in their thinking and work styles. Those selected for the program will have the opportunity to receive free monthly trainings where they will learn the concepts, tools, principles and techniques to teach others what Connect does best. Once they have completed the training, we will keep them in mind for future opportunities to work with us. They can take what they have learned and apply it to work for other organizations or for their own business.

When we approach competition from an abundance perspective, we can learn from each other, grow with each other and make a more significant impact.

Would you or someone you know be interested in joining our community of facilitators? Does your organization need a cultural transformation? Reach out to us on for more information.

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